• How Does Voting Happen?

    • All your company employees have the right to vote. Only each person has one vote.

    • Must be over 18 years old and working at a workplace.

    • It is sufficient to vote for at least one category for your vote to be considered valid.

    • Persons participating in accordance with the principle of equality have "the right to vote only once".

    • The security of the voting process will be carried out via a verification SMS sent to your mobile phone.

    • If the same participant casts more than one vote, both votes are canceled in the system.

  • Can I Vote for Each Category?

    • You have the right to vote for at least one and at most 3 categories.

  • Until What Date Can We Vote?

    • Voting will end on October 28, 2022.

  • When Will Winners Be Announced?

    • The event will take place physically on 20-21-22 December.

  • According to what criteria will the winners be determined?

    • After collecting all the votes with our digital infrastructure, the 50 CEOs with the highest votes, the 50 CMOs with the highest votes,
    and the 50 CHROs with the highest votes will receive the 2022 Golden Leader Award.