• Must be over 18 years old and working in a workplace.

  • All employees of companies who want to support their leaders can vote.

  • You only need to vote for at least one category for your vote to be valid.

  • Persons participating in accordance with the principle of equality have "the right to vote only once".

  • The security of the voting process will be carried out via a verification SMS sent to your mobile phone.

  • For the integrity of voting procedures, you are required to vote for all your candidates for the CEO, CMO and CHRO posts at the same time. You may skip any post but you may not vote again for the mssing post or candidate once your vote is registered.

  • If the same participant casts more than one vote, both votes are canceled in the system.

  • Dress Code: Simokine for men, long evening dress for women.

  • Our Golden Leader winners have to participate gala nights with their teams. In cases of force majeure, a C level subordinate should take stage to receive award on behalf of the Golden Leader CEO; for CMO or CHRO a similar C Level substitute shall also be required to receive the award with their teams.